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The areas of activity


"Ukrainian strategy" is all Ukrainian Public Association that unites leading experts and publicmen.

Among others, the areas of activity of UPA "Ukrainian strategy" are:

  • development of concepts, programs, and other documents related to the development strategy of Ukraine;
  • promotion of the reform programs in various spheres of live of the Ukrainian society;
  • development of draft laws, other legal acts related to the implementation of the proposals on the development strategy of Ukraine;
  • encouragement of the greater economic, legal, and financial education of Ukrainian citizens;
  • summary of the international experience of socio- economic and political development;
  • promotion of the new approaches of the innovative development in Ukraine;
  • organization and conducting conferences, forums, "round tables" , seminars on strategic development of Ukraine;
  • development and conducting of information campaigns.

The following bills “On sole social payment” and “On personal income tax” and Conception of Civil social reform were worked out by the organization.
The last developments of UPA "Ukrainian strategy" was the project on Conception of development of electrical and energy industry of Ukraine, alternative release of law "On principles of functioning of electric energy market in Ukraine". UPA "Ukrainian strategy" is one of co-founders of Platform of civil society (PCS) UKRAINE –EU that is created in accordance with the articles of a 469-470 of the Association Agreement.

UPA "Ukrainian strategy" works closely with American organizations, in particular with Potomac Founding and USA-Ukraine Relations Center.

UPA "Ukrainian strategy" is a partner of Parliamentary Group of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Inter-Parliamentary Relations with the United States and National Democratic Institute.

UPA "Ukrainian strategy" is one of the initiators of the Civil Society Coalition "For the People's Constitution". This Coalition has developed and submitted to the parliament a draft law on the procedure of adoption of the new Constitution of Ukraine. This draft law regarding a constituent assembly, a special means of implementing the will of the people whose function and authority would be solely the development and ratification of a new constitution of Ukraine.
President of UPA “Ukrainian Strategy” Anatolii Pinchuk is one of the leading experts of the Civil initiative the "Reanimation package of reforms", a member of the Strategic deliberative group on reform on administrative matters of the system of central authority at Cabinet of Ministers, as well as a member of initiative working group on development of reformation strategy of defensive and safety system of Ukraine and new military doctrine of Ukraine.

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