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Deepening of Ukraine-US cooperation

Representatives of the Parliamentary Group of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Inter-Parliamentary Relations with the United States of America, led by the co-chairs Viktor Halasiuk and Viktor Chumak accompanied by President of All-Ukrainian NGO "Ukrainian Strategy" Anatoliy Pinchuk visited USA on May 23 – 27, 2016.

The visit took place under organizational and analytical support of All-Ukrainian NGO "Ukrainian Strategy".



Meetings with the leadership of Ukrainian Caucus in the US Congress, senators and congressional representatives, as well as with the leadership of the secretariat of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Senate were held. An agreement to deepen inter-parliamentary cooperation and joint work on the important for both countries, legislative initiatives was reached.

In addition, meetings with representatives of the State Department, National Security Council, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade and the Office of the Vice President were held. Among discussed were topics such as progress of reforms in Ukraine and additional options of support of these reforms (especially institutional and anti-corruption) from the US Government, the cooperation prospects of Ukraine and USA in economic and military-political sphere, the issue of combating aggressive policies of Russia and sanctions against Russia and those supporting terrorist activities in eastern Ukraine and the ways of bringing parliamentarians to intergovernmental cooperation.

Ukrainian delegation presented its vision of cooperation in four areas (geopolitical and security policy, support for institutional and anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine, economic development and international financial assistance, humanitarian sphere), both at meetings and at the round table with the participation of leading US experts, organized by the Atlantic Council.

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