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Ukrainian delegation visited Washington, DC with a working trip

On November 29 - December 3, 2015 Co-Chair of Parliamentary Group of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Inter-Parliamentary Relations with the USA Viktor Halasiuk, members of group Sergiy Taruta and Sergiy Leshchenko, together with President of All-Ukrainian NGO "Ukrainian Strategy" Anatoliy Pinchuk visited Washington, DC, USA.




The tour was intended to set up a series of meetings with US of meetings with US senators, congressional representatives, and representatives of public authorities, politicians, experts and public figures to inform them about the situation in the eastern Ukraine, the threat of a new aggression, escalation of the military conflict. Another goal was to explore possibilities of cooperation between Ukraine and the United States in issues related to security and defense.

During the communication with the representatives of Vice President Joe Biden, Congress, Senate, State Department, the American Council on Foreign Policy, the Atlantic Council of NATO as well as the heads of Ukrainian Caucus in Congress, the delegation stressed the urgent priorities necessary for getting the country out of "economic depression". Among the latter, combating corruption and civil service reform, depriving Ukraine of energy and financial noose, the introduction of the new economic policy.

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