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The All-Ukrainian NGO “Ukrainian Strategy” — is an organization that unites experts and social activists.

The main objective of the organization — conceptual developments, program and other documents’ development that contribute to the successful and efficient development of Ukraine, involvement of other NGOs and citizens, promotion of these proposals in the community and lobbying them. Among other priorities of the organization, there are promotion of the greater economic, legal, and financial education in Ukraine and synthesis of the global experience in the socio-economic and political development, promotion of the new approaches of the innovative development of Ukraine, etc.

"Ukrainian strategy" has created a number of draft laws, including "On single social tax", " On taxation of individuals," "Civil social reform concept", etc. Among the latest developments there are anti-corruption document package and the Concept of amendments to the Power Strategy until 2030.

"We want to live in a strong, efficient and competitive Ukraine!"
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18527119 1940596832882612 5502053709977519433 oMeeting with David Dreier

On May 19, the US-UA Caucus held a meeting with David Dreier, a long-time friend of Ukraine, a member of the Republican party, who served as a member of the US House of Representatives for over 30 years. He was also the Chairman of the Committee on Rules for 8 years. Mr Vovk, MP, Mr Galasiuk, MP, and Mr Gusak, MP were present at the meeting. The representatives of the National Democratic Institute also attended the event.

Mr Dreier is the founder of the House Democracy Partnership (HDP), a bipartisan, twenty-member commission of the U.S. House of Representatives that works directly with partner countries around the world, including Ukraine to support the development of effective, independent, and responsive legislative institutions.

The conversation was frank and open. Crucial issues have been raised, including the real progress of economic reforms, fight against corruption, necessary financial, diplomatic and military-political support of Ukraine, as well real politics of the President of Ukraine and the ruling majority, and the state of democracy in Ukraine.



Restart of the US-Ukraine relations

Official and 'semi-official' representatives of Ukraine, when arriving in Washington, D.C. often as if deliberately demonstrate complete misunderstanding of the agenda of the United States. The rhetoric of the official Ukrainian side for the last three years has not changed: Ukraine is a victim that needs to be protected, Ukraine needs help.

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